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I am simply beyond impressed with the service and professionalism Bob provides.  In this day and age where I’m sure you would agree, finding “great” people and “keeping” great people is a massive challenge in all businesses, Bob is a standout. I have not only dealt with Bob myself, but also have seen his interaction with other of your customers. Bob truly is a fantastic representative of the OpenRoad brand.

I had the occasion to deal with some of your staff a couple of weeks ago. I would like you to know how I was treated.

My Volvo XC 70 had overheated and was losing fluid. I limped from Hastings Street to Boundary Road in a car that was obviously in distress. I pulled into your lot and sought help. I was assured that I would be in no one's way and that I could stay until the problem was traced.

The staff in your service department showed genuine concern and made every effort to assist--given the fact that the Volvo was not a car they were equipped to deal with. They were willing to try to understand and help. They made my wife feel comfortable. They even went so far as to send out your technical foreman to offer advice.

I have to express my thanks to Jalee Tessema, a truly exceptional employee of yours. He assured us and gave us his best advice under the circumstances. He checked with us several times in his friendly way, until a tow truck arrived to take us to the Volvo dealership.

This was, in our view, wonderful service reflecting a well run organization. I would give my highest recommendation of your organization to anyone asking for it.

It makes me deliberate on my next choice of vehicle... perhaps it should be an Audi.

I am writing to express my gratitude towards Jale Tessema. On a trip from Vancouver Island back to Calgary our Q7 vehicle was experiencing a “grinding” noise during operation. I booked an urgent appointment as we had left Vancouver Island and were expecting to be driving all day. Jale took our vehicle in earlier than the secheduled appointment, attended a ride-along to “hear” the noice, and did an inspection of our vehicle’s undercarriage. After the inspection he provided me his information and asked that I call him directly if we had any problems driving to Calgary. This experience at your facility was truly refreshing. Jale was very professional and I felt that he cared about our situation. I would like to thank Jale for his professionalism and attention to detail.
I own a 2010 Audi A6 which I recently purchased earlier this year. I brought it in for the first time to you guys for the 55k service, and I wanted to take a quick opportunity to let you know that both my service experience and my interactions with Garry were very professional and exemplary! He handled things exceedingly well, from the very first time I reached out to him by phone, through the appointment booking experience, and through the day of the appointment itself. Once again, I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that my overall service experience was very nice indeed, and Garry’s professional mannerism contributed a lot toward that experience.
Today I was riding my bike home from Burnaby to Kitsilano when the bike chain snapped. I was thus stranded many kms from home. I ventured into your service shop where your mechanics took the time and effort to fix the chain so I could ride home. They not only helped but were pleasant and cheerful. It is refreshing to meet such people. Please thank them for me.
I haven't seen anywhere so far saying who my service advisor was but I just wanted to say as well that Garry Nip was such an easy person to deal with! Apart from the fact that he was very nice and knowledgeable I feel that he really understood just how apprehensive I was about bringing my car in as I feel much more comfortable with my mechanic. All such feelings were gone by the time I came back to pick up my car and I'd say that largely because of his service, I would absolutely come back. Thanks Garry!!
i just wanted to make sure i let you know how appreciative i am of your service staff. on jan 25 i brought my allroad in with an issue that might have been connected to a previous service issue. i did not have an appointment. i just showed up. alan recognized me immediately and greeted me by name. listened to my issue and called jale to come take a look. he quickly diagnosed the problem and dealt with it asap. i waited in the showroom. i asked the receptionist if i could change the channel from sports fishing. eric brought me the remote control and allowed me to find another channel. just a great experience. again alan and jale made my experience exceptional. this keeps me coming back.
Today, I met two of your amazing employees. You see, I found myself in a bit of trouble after visiting the Auto-plan store around the corner from your dealership. The license plate was stuck and immovable due to a striped bolt and no one there could help me. On a whim, I drove across the parking lot to your store where two of your employees were in the open bay working. With my license plates in hand I walked towards the bay, and without hesitation they came to my rescue and went above and beyond. They right away grabbed a couple of tools they had on hand and went to business, removing the old bolt for me and putting the new plate on. Took them maybe 30 seconds in total? But honestly, it make my day and probably my week. They asked for nothing in return and just wished me a good day. I have to say, this kind of great quality of employees that you guys have working for you says a lot. I will always be very thankful and will think great thoughts every time I drive by your store. And, when we finally decide to take the plunge and buy that new vehicle we've been talking about forever, I have definitely moved Audi to the top of my list.
This afternoon I visited your Audi Service department without an appointment and met Jacqueline and explained to her my sensor problem. Immediately she brought Shane out of the Shop who corrected the problem on the spot. Jacqueline and Shane have great personalities and the service was the best. Thank you Audi and wish your staff a Merry Christmas.
The whole experience was very enjoyable and educational. The training in particular was most helpful and after this event I would definitely recommend more people to come to Openroad Audi to see the new products. Thank-you.