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Every Audi needs the perfect pair of tires. Matching the tire to the top speed and loading requirement of your vehicle will ensure enhanced traction, handling, and safety. When your vehicle isn’t fitted with the proper tires, performance suffers, reducing traction, handling, and control. To ensure your Audi is equipped with the right tires, your Audi dealer can help provide you with the proper recommendation that meets your Audi’s needs perfectly.

Traveling This Winter?

What's the difference between winter, all-season and summer tires?

OpenRoad Audi winter tiresOpenRoad Audi tires

What's the minimum legal requirement on provincial highways that require winter tires?
Acceptable winter tires are marked by either the mountain/snowflake logo or a variation on the M+S (mud and snow) logo. The tires must have no less than 3.5 mm of the tread.

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Is it ok to drive my snow tires when there's no snow?

Yes. It’s always better to have winter tires on warm, dry roads than summer or all-season tires on snowy or cold roads. We call them winter tires because it’s more about the temperature than snow.

Do all four tires need to be winter tires?

Yes. All four tires should be matching to ensure not just optimal traction to get going forward, but also reliable cornering and braking. Remember that all-season tires can’t handle cold temperatures, and there’s a risk of sliding or even fish-tailing if two tires can stop and two tires can’t. The rubber compound of winter tires stays soft to grip the road, so for optimum braking and handling, all four tires need to be winter tires.

Did you know that most B.C. highways require winter tires from October 1st to March 31st?
The maps below highlight the sections of highway that do require winter tires or chains from October 1st to March 31st.

Northern BC
South Coast
Southern Interior

Think Winter Tires Before It Snows

Winter tires are a must-have in any climate where the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius. With today’s advances in rubber technology, winter tires give you more grip as soon as the temperature drops below 7 degrees, regardless of road conditions.

Winter Tires v All Season Tires
Winter Tires v All Season Tires Graph

We carry a wide range of Canada’s best-selling tire brands and more!

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Note: Not all tire brands located at all dealerships. Please ask individual stores for availability!

No Hassle, Low Cost Tire Storage Solution

No Hassle, Low Cost Tire Storage Solution

We offer no hassle, low cost tire storage. Store your seasonal tires in our secure & insured tire storage warehouse. Each tire is recorded, tagged and shipped to our warehouse facility.
When you wish to retrieve your tires from storage, you simply call our Service Department. Within 2 days, your tires will be ready for collection from us. Contact us to find out about this convenient tire storage service.

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