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Audi Winter Tire Promotions

Winter Tires are designed to perform optimally in both snowy conditions and cold temperatures, providing the performance and safety you expect. In fact, they’re recommended as soon as average daily temperatures drop below 7°C. For passenger vehicles, they are legally required on some BC highways after October 1st.

  • Unidirectional/V-groove tread designs are best at moving slush and snow out of the way
  • Large, open tread blocks with many tiny slits, cut through deep snow and perform better on wet pavement
  • Specialized, soft tread compounds dig into snow, stick to ice at low temperatures, and contribute to a comfortable ride on cold pavement

We offer Audi Winter Tires & Wheels Packages built specifically for every Audi model. We also offer tire storage options year-round, making switching tires easy.

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